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Meet Joshua, this young father has been gaining notoriety internationally in the renewable energies sector. After founding his company, VUDU Energy in 2012, Joshua quickly developed a name for himself in the energy storage industry. With work dating back to 2002 in energy storage systems, Joshua invented a proprietary battery management system that is still used today in some of the Worlds most advanced energy storage systems. Joshua's’ success in energy led him to begin development of a line of low-speed electric vehicles in 2015 and that line eventually became an industry first to market. SmartCart Electric Vehicles quickly grew across the Southeast region of the US from 2015 to 2019 where it abruptly closed due to a combination of newly imposed tariffs on major components sourced from oversees and a partnership dispute that ended in a major loss for Joshua. After a devastating blow to his finances as well as his ego, Joshua picked himself up and fought back through adversity and quickly rebounded from the failure of SmartCart. Joshua has also founded or co-founded multiple other successful ventures such as; Lithium Ion Technologies, Poise Flowers & Co, VUDU Energy, Station House BBQ, Tampa Bay Business Network, Networking4ACause, Fuego Roca, and Scoops Italian Ice.


Joshua has the genes of an entrepreneur and lives, eats, and sleeps creation and innovation. His father, Billy, was also a lifelong entrepreneur who built from the ground up a successful food service company, a coffee distribution company, and a chain of Laundromats. Growing up life was not always easy for Joshua. He has always had a passion and desire to improve on all aspects of life, but like countless others fell into the entrapment of the opioid crisis of the early 2000s. After experiencing a life-changing addiction to pain medications stemming from a hospital stay and surgery in 2003, Joshua’s life began a downward spiral that seemed to certainly end in either jail or death. This addiction devastated his life as well as his family's life for years and has lasting repercussions to this day.


Joshua, however, is no quitter. After a major PERSPECTIVE change in 2008, Joshua has managed to stay clean from substance abuse and has transformed his addiction into a burning desire to create a legacy and future for his family for many generations to come. His life is literal proof that anybody can overcome the grips of addiction and live to make the world a better place. All that is needed is a change in PERSPECTIVE. Reach out to Joshua. Have a conversation with him. I promise you this, it will be a conversation you will not soon forget. This young businessman is full of energy and passion. His creative thinking and concepts are sure to be a game-changer in the addiction treatment industry. What better person to lead the fight to change the lives of those affected by addiction than someone who has personally beat this great monster of our time. You can find more about Joshua at or on Instagram @EnergyCaptain where he has a following of almost 100,000.

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